It's great to be open again and doing what we love to do - Scuba Diving!!.
We are back to organising daily dives with a full program, visiting dive sites all around Malta. While our Instructors are super happy to be back to teaching scuba courses and providing diver training you are looking to complete in time for Summer.

If you have not dived for some time and are feeling a bit rusty, its time to re-activate your dive skills!
Book time with one of our Instructors who will spend some time with you during the dive to refresh your dive skills and get you comfortable again. It usually takes one dive or 2 to get your buoyancy sorted so you feel like you have never been away from the sea!

If you have never tried diving, we would love to show you what the hipe is all about!. We organise try dive sessions for complete beginners every day, excluding Sundays. Choose between our Fun dive session which lasts around 2 hours, or the more informative PADI Discover Scuba Diving, which takes a full morning or afternoon.

Once we have you hooked, you can enrol straight onto the PADI Open Water course and join a large community of fellow divers who enjoy many fun days exploring the Underwater world.
Our island have so much to offer, you will be amazed by how beautiful our sea is. 

Embark on a new adventure, give us a call so we can help jump start your Summer!