A fun introductory session to the sport of diving for complete beginners!

This afternoon session provides a great introduction to the sport of Scuba diving, giving you a feel of what to expect on the Open water course should you decide to become certified.
We meet at the dive centre for 13:00 returning at around 16:00. Depending on Instructor availability, it may be possible to book for a morning session.

We start off with a brief introduction lasting around 20 minutes, your Instructor will then help you find the right size equipment for you.
Once fitted out with your own set of dive gear, we drive to a sheltered shallow bay.
After a pre dive brief, your Instructor will help you don your equipment. Once in the water we will start by teaching you some basic skills so you will become a little more familiar with your equipment and also get you to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the water.
Once you have mastered these skills, your Instructor will lead you further out into the bay to enjoy a dive to maximum 10 metres.
At this depth you will be able to really enjoy the undersea environment, watching fish up close, while experiencing what it is like to be completely weight less!
On completion of your scuba session, your Instructor will be able to sign off your dives on your own log book which you will be able to keep as a memento of your first Scuba Experience.

Who can book in for these sessions?
The Discover Scuba sessions are available for any fit person over the age of 10. There is no maximum age, as long as you are fit and not taking medication.
All participants will need to complete a standard medical statement, and any persons under of the age of 18 will need to provide written parental consent.
If you have any questions relating to your fitness or any medical conditions, you are welcome to email us on or give us a call or text us on 00356 99571111. Its better to iron out any issues prior to your lesson.

When are these sessions organised?
These sessions are organised every afternoon excluding Sundays.
Meeting at the dive centre for 13:00 and back for around 16:00.

Which dive sites will we visit?
We always choose the dive site on the day based on the wind direction that day. We want to ensure your first lesson is in a calm sheltered bay, so your Instructor will choose the best site on the day based on the sea conditions at the time. We have a good choice of sheltered sites we like to use for first time lessons, so we are sure to find a good location for you.

How many will we be on this lesson?
We always provide one Instructor for every 2 participants. This is a Maltaqua Guarantee which we uphold even in high season.
This ensures you get the very best experience out of your first scuba lesson!
If you are a family or a group of friends, we will keep you all in the same location so you can still enjoy the session together, but we will make sure you have enough Instructors so you are well looked after in the water.

What do we need to bring for this session?
We ask that you leave all valuables at home, so no expensive jewellery, watches, passports etc.
All you need to bring is a comfortable swim suit, a towel and a change of dry clothes to change into after the session, if you are using our transport, then you need to be wearing dry clothes to use the transport back.
In high season it is good to bring sun protection and a refillable water bottle which you can refill at the centre before heading out to the dive site.
We will provide you with all the dive equipment you will need for this lesson.

Kindly note this lesson is not available between the 15th December and the 15th January


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