Fun first time scuba lesson for complete beginners!
Ages 10 and above

This is an informal lesson providing you the opportunity to try the dive gear and see what its like to scuba dive in very shallow water
These lessons are conducted in the sea, in one of our shallow sheltered bays.
We choose the location on the same day as this depends on the wind direction fo the day.

We only take 2 persons to each Instructor, allowing you to get the most out of your session.

These sessions are organised in the afternoons meeting at the dive centre for 13:00
Any day excluding Sundays.

The session last around 2 hours in total allowing time for a short explanation, kitting up, the actual dive and then de-kitting and transfer back to the dive centre.
Actual time spent in the water will be around 40 minutes.

You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to the lesson, and participants under 18 need written parental consent.

COVID19 Requirements
We are making sure your scuba experience is completed in the safest environment possible! Kindly rest assured all scuba gear is sanitised using approved chemicals after each use.
There are 2 additional requirements which we have been asked to adhere to:
Every divers is asked to use their own mask if they have one
Every participant needs to have their own regulator mouth piece
With regards to the dive mask, we ask you to bring your own mask if you have one.
Any non divers wishing to accompany the participant may do so if you have your own transport. We are however not able to transport non divers in our vans at present.
During transportation to the dive site, passengers need to wear a face mask or face shield.