BSAC Dive leader course

This course is perfect for BSAC members who want to take a more active role in their club and/or become an Open Water Instructor.  
Dive Leaders are key members of their BSAC clubs who are able to lead inexperienced and experienced divers to gain new experiences.  
They are also able to organise dives and have the skills to deal with situations where something unexpected may have occurred.

To enrol on a Dive Leader course you must have successfully completed a Sports Diver course, other agency equivalent and have a nitrox qualification.  
You must also be aged 14 years or older.

Dive Leader has three core elements; leading inexperienced and experienced divers, dive management, and rescue management.
The formal learning consists of five assessed theory modules, which you complete online prior to joining us.
You then have five open-water training dives and three practical lessons, which you complete with one of our BSAC Instructors.
If you have not dived for some time or if you are  coming from another agency, we will start  with a refresher training dive to ensure you are ready to progress.

Once you have completed your online theory assessments , as well as the training sessions with us in Malta, you also need to
- have at least 60 dives in variety of conditions relevant to your local environment
- Completed the *Oxygen Admin SDC within 2 years of completing your DL assessment.

Included in the cost of this course
Cylinder and weight hire
Road transport to the dive sites

Elearning codes 
BSAC membership
Equipment hire €25 per day
O2 Admin course €150

*If you wish we can arrange for you to complete your Oxygen Admin SDC in combination with your DL course.
The theory for this course is completed online, you then need to spend time with one of our Instructors completing the practical sessions.
Cost for O2Admin course with DL course is €150.
Elearning code needs to be purchased from BSAC prior to starting your DL training.