Learn to Dive without Scuba!

The PADI Advanced Snorkeler (Skin Diver) course is a popular entry level course, for anyone over the age of 8 who wishes to dive without having to use scuba equipment.
By the end of your training, you will be familiar with the equipment for advanced snorkeling and be able to relax and enjoy diving up to 5 metres under the surface without the weight of scuba tanks.

When are these sessions organised?
We meet at the dive centre for 13:00 returning at around 16:00.
Depending on Instructor availability, it may be possible to book for a morning session.

Where will we go for this session?
We always choose the dive site on the day based on the wind direction that day.
We want to ensure your lesson is in a calm sheltered bay, so your Instructor will choose the best site on the day based on the sea conditions at the time.
We have a good choice of sheltered sites we like to use for first time lessons, so we are sure to find a good location for you.

What do we need to bring for this session?
We ask that you leave all valuables at home, so no expensive jewellery, watches, passports etc.
All you need to bring is a comfortable swim suit, a towel and a change of dry clothes to change into after the session, if you are using our transport, then you need to be wearing dry clothes to use the transport back.In high season it is good to bring sun protection and a refillable water bottle which you can refill at the centre before heading out to the dive site.
We will provide you with all the snorkelling equipment you will need for this lesson.