Are you a qualified diver but have not dived for sometime?  Looking to get back into diving?
This session does just that! This refresher, or what we also call a shakedown session is aimed at divers who for whatever reason have not been diving for some time, sometimes years even...where does the time go??
Well worry not, we will help you jump back in!
We start off by logging you onto the PADI online classroom which will allow you to refresh your dive theory. Once completed we will then book you time with one of our Instructors, who will start by helping you kit up with the right sized dive gear. 
We then head out to one of our sheltered bays, assemble your gear and then head into the water to refresh your basis dive skills, get you well weighted and comfortable again.
Once skills have been completed you will enjoy a dive in the shallows to regain your confidence, ready to join other qualified divers on our daily dive trips, or possibly even the next step up course.

These sessions can be booked for any morning or afternoon!
Just be sure to book prior to your preferred diving day as you need some time to complete your online theory before we hit the water!

On booking this session, kindly be sure to include:

Your full name
Email address you wish to use for your PADI log in
Date of birth

We will need the above information to be able to activate a Theory code for you.



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