The PADI Junior Advanced Course is for children aged 12 to 15. This course is identical to the PADI Advanced Course but with a depth restriction to maximum 21 metres.

On reaching 15, this depth limitation is lifted allowing the student to dive to 30 meters.

We run these courses all the time, so you are welcome to book your start date on any day that best fits in with your travel/holiday plans.

Please allow 2-3 days to complete the full course. The training for the Advanced course can easily be completed during a short break holiday, however please keep in mind that you must leave 18 hours between your last dive and your flight home. Based on us doing 2 elective dives in one day, you will be out of the water by 13:00 at the latest, so you can use this time line to check your return flight the following day to be sure you comply with the 18 hours surface interval.

"What does the course involve?"
This course is almost all diving and very little theory! The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is made up of 5 dives, the two core dives - Navigation and Deep, plus three more dives chosen from a list of elective dives.

Elective Dives: Wreck, Naturalist, Night (€35 extra), Fish ID, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Nitrox (€5 extra), Search and Recovery, Boat (€30 extra), UW Digital Photography (€25 for camera hire). The intention is to expose the student to as many different diving experiences as possible.

The theory for this course can be completed online prior to arrival. There is no exam and no confined water work, just 5 dives which will require you to complete some skills during your dives.

This is a really fun course, incorporating new experiences and additional supervised time underwater. Successfully completing the more demanding tasks is also a great confidence booster.

If you have not dived for some time, then we do recommend you do a shake down dive with us first, to refresh your open water skills and get yourself well weighted and comfortable in the water before embarking on new skills.

Course requirements:
Proof of PADI Junior Open water certification

Tuition, use of any equipment needed, transport to and from the dive sites .

PADI Elearning access code

We can book you accommodation to go with this package, please just email us your travel dates and we will quote you for this also.

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