Every year we offer a limited number of Internship programs to candidates who are serious about going all the way and becoming Professional diving Instructors.

The Internship program includes the full Divemaster program, plus extra dives, and participation in more entry and advanced level courses.

This extended program will be beneficial to you when becoming an Instructor ,having to deal with "real" students yourself.
As  our Divemaster Intern you will be constantly assessed by your assigned mentoring Instructor. Unlike other internship programs being offered for "free" we prefer to provide you with quality training which will make you a great Divemaster, with not only the skills needed to pass your DM exams but more than that. We want you to feel confident and able to manage the real life situations you will as a DM be exposed to.

When done properly internships place extra work on our Instructors so we have to limit these to max 6 places every year.
If you are interested in applying for one of these placings please email us information about yourself and why you think you should be condidered for one of these 6 places.

Cost for this Internship option is the same as that of the Divemaster course  €590.
This includes, tuition, tank and weight hire, road transport to and from the dive sites

Extras you need to consider:
PADI Crew Pack €299
PADI Dive master application €140

We can assist you with finding accommodation for the duration of your stay.
We can offer you a private apartment, or if you are on a budget, we may be able to offer you a room in a shared apartment.

At this level you are expected to own your own equipment. 
We offer complete equipment packages tailored to your build and needs. As an Aqualung partner we can offer you the full range of Aqualung products as well as Apeks and Fourth Element.
if you are looking to travel light and prefer to rent your equipment (all or part of), we can offer you an equipment rental package also.

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