Take advanage of reduced PADI elearning theory fees by signing up for your PADI Open water course today!
The PADI Open water course is split into 2 parts, the theory and the water work.
The theory part can be completed using a computer or tablet, all you need to do is purchase an online code for this course. On purchasing an elearning code you be able to will gain access to the online classroom and complete all the theory for this course at your leisure, in the comfort of your home.

As soon as we are able to get back in the water we can arrange for you to start the fun part of your training; Learning your water skills!.
The water training will take 3 days to complete, and we will book you time with one of our Instructors for this training.
All water work training is completed in the sea in small teams of just 2 students to one Instructor, well in keeping with the COVID19 protocol.
You will be fitted out with a full set of equipment which is yours for the duration of the water training.
All scuba equipment is disinfected and placed in quarantine for 72 hours prior to being put into use again.

The sea is the safest place to be and while submerged in the water undergoing your training you will be in a 100% Covid free environment!
Scuba diving is by far the best activity to take part in during these times! Not only does diving keep you fit and active, it is also great for the mind, helping you relax and for 40 -55 minutes allows you to float weightlessly in the water enjoying Malta's amazing underwater environment.