New Wreck for Malta! The Patrol Boat P33.
We are exciting to have another new wreck to visit.
The P33 is an ex- patrol boat and is to be scuttled on Saturday 31st July 2021
The planned location for this wreck is Zonqor Point, to the south of Malta. This location is already home to 2 other wrecks, the Melita and the St Michael.
This new wreck the P33 will be placed between the two other wrecks, making it a perfect dive site for wreck enthusiasts.

This scuttling of this new wreck has been in the pipeline for a number of years. Initially the P33 was earmarked off Reqqa point, Gozo.
However after much discussion a far larger wreck will now be scuttled off Gozo, with the P33 finding its new home at Zonqor Point off Malta.

The scuttling of a new wreck like the P33, requires a lot of preparation, the wreck needs to first be stripped of all machinery and debris. It is then thoroughly cleaned to be sure it does not harm the sea enviroment. 
The next step is to render it safe for divers, by opening up internal sections of the boat, so divers can safely explore the wreck once its in the sea.
Several underwater enviromental surveys are carried out to locate the best home for the wreck.
No habitat, including posedonia grass must be harmed by the scuttling, so a void sandy bottom is a perfect place for such a wreck.

This new wreck is only possible thanks to the collaboration of the Professional Diving Association of Malta, an Association made up of all the main dive centres, and the Malta Tourism Authority, who financed the scuttling of this new wreck. 
Such an attraction is a boost to Malta, as it is added to the already attractive list of wrecks the Maltese islands have to offer visiting divers of all levels.

The depth the P33 will most likely rest at will be 22-23 meters, so perfect for Advanced Open water divers, or Open water divers with some experience of diving in the 22m depth range.
If you are looking to complete your PADI Advanced course , or the PADI Wreck speciality then this is a great dive to aim for as part of your training.

We will be organising dives to this new wreck, so do get in contact with us to book your dive!