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Technical Diver Training and Technical Instructor Courses - MALTA

We have a full time team of technical Instructors who can provide a full spectrum of Open and Closed Curcuit training, for DSAT, BSAC, TDI IANTD & RAID.

Technical training is better suited during our cooler shoulder months, ( Feb to May & October to December) if you wish to complete your training in a dry suit.

For Rebreather training, we can provide full range of training on the Inspiration, Evolution, JJ or the Sentinel unit.

Below is a list of the upcoming courses which we will be running.


Full on month for technical training.

1st - 18th September: You can book time with a techinal Instructor for a try tec session using harness and twin tank, or sidemount set up.

1st - 22nd September: One to One "Pefect your trim" sessions with an experienced techical Instructor.


1st - 6th : MOD 1 Inspiration

4th, 9th , 16th : Bouyancy & skills review dives

3rd, 10th and 17th : Try tec diving, for divers looking to cross over to harness and twin tank configuration

15th : TDI Accelerated Deco Procedures

16th PADI Tec 45 couse starting

17th : PADI Sidemount course


1st - 5th: PADI Sidemount course

2nd - 10th : Discover Tec days organised every day

10th - 14th : Mod 1 Inspiration

Published on: 19/09/2017