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Technical Diver Training and Technical Instructor Courses - MALTA

We have a full time team of technical Instructors who can provide a full spectrum of Open and Closed Curcuit training, for DSAT, BSAC, TDI IANTD & RAID.

Technical training is better suited during our cooler shoulder months, ( Feb to May & October to December) if you wish to complete your training in a dry suit.

For Rebreather training, we can provide full range of training on the Inspiration, Evolution, JJ or the Sentinel unit.

Below is a list of the upcoming courses which we will be running.


Full on month for technical training.

1st - 18th May: You can book time with a techinal Instructor for a try tec session using harness and twin tank, or sidemount set up.

1st - 22nd May: One to One "Pefect your trim" sessions with an experienced techical Instructor.

1st - 15th May: Come meet Jack Ingle if you are intersted in any of his deep wreck expeditions, his weeks this May are full but you can discuss openings for later in November or next May.

11th - 16th May: DSAT Tec and Tec Instructor courses with Platinum CD Gary Mawston

14th: Fun Sunday where you can try out various rebreather units with CCR Trainer Dave Gration


1st - 6th : MOD 1 Inspiration

4th, 9th , 16th : Bouyancy & skills review dives

3rd, 10th and 17th : Try tec diving, for divers looking to cross over to harness and twin tank configuration

15th : TDI Accelerated Deco Procedures

16th PADI Tec 45 couse starting

17th : PADI Sidemount course

20th: TDI Accelerated Deco Procedures


10th - 14th : Mod 1 Inspiration

17th - 21st : OC Normoxic course

Published on: 10/06/2017