RAID Advanced 35 Course


This course is a genuine Advanced level course that will accelerate your diving skills and prepare you to comfortably and confidently perform dives without divemaster or instructor supervision to a depth of 35m

Please allow 4-5 days to complete the full course. It can easily be completed on a short break holiday, however please keep in mind that you must leave 18 hours between your last dive and your flight home.

"What does the course involve?"

This course is a good blend between diving and theory, a lot of the theory will be hands on and directly applicable to the dives we do!

The Advanced 35 Course is made up of 3 Confined Dives, and 6 Open Water dives, the five core dives – Buoyancy, Navigation, Rescue and Deep I and Deep II, plus one more dives chosen from a list of elective dives. Elective Dives: Wreck, Naturalist, Night (€15 extra), Search and Recovery, Boat (€25 extra), Photo (€25 for camera hire).


As you can see, this is a full on course designed to move your diving to the next level, if you want additional ‘Elective’ Dives please speak to us on options available. All skills developed during this program are accumulative, so skills learned on the first dive will be applied on each dive after. We expect a level of mastery throughout the entire program on all newly acquired skills.

This course is a MAJOR confident booster, as those that successfully complete it, are have truly changed their diving!

If you have not dived for some time, then we do recommend you do a shake down dive with us first, to refresh your open water skills and get yourself well weighted in the water.

If you wish to complete your NITROX course, you may do so simultaneous with this course, the charge for this is an additional €60, which will cover your certification fee, and all nitrox fills for the course.


The use of all equipment, transport to and from the dive sites as well as tuition fees are all included.

PREREQUISITES for the Practical Training

• To be a minimum of 15 years old.

• Have a minimum of 4 hours logged underwater whilst using open circuit equipment since previous qualification.

• Have a RAID Open Water Diver certification or equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.