RAID OpenWater 20

4 day course


The RAID Open Water 20 course is a unique and popular entry level course, for anyone wishing to take up Scuba diving in a small group and bespoke setting.

Unlike other introductory courses, there is no pre set program per say, we operate with a minimum of 4 hours of confined training, and 3 hours of open water training (4 dives). However you won’t move to the open water phase of the course until you and your instructor are totally happy with your skills.

The RAID Open Water 20 course has a high degree of Student – Instructor interaction, and you can expect a relaxed pace, in depth training approach. This technically influenced course make an ideal introduction to diving for those wanting that little bit extra from their diving and their education.

The course generally takes 4 days to complete, and participants have the choice between using ‘traditional’ dive equipment or semi technical equipment, including backplates/wing, and a long hose setup.

By the end of the course you will be familiar with the equipment and dive techniques allowing you to dive to a high standard, whilst being able to relax and enjoy diving at a depth not exceeding 20 metres.

Tuition is available in a number of languages. Let us know on booking which language you prefer.

Price includes:

We provide all tuition, equipment, certification fees, course material and road transportation to the dive sites.


Upon successfully passing the practical training you receive:

International Recognized Diver Certification

On-line logbook

Diver certification E or C-card

Unrestricted access to manuals


Prerequisites for your Practical Training

To be able to swim comfortably to complete a 200 meter swim without stopping or touching side or bottom. And a 10 minute float keeping your head above the water at all times.

To be a minimum of 15 years old (with written guardian consent up to the age of 18 yrs).