At Maltaqua we have team of full time staff qualifed to teach a variety of technical dive courses and can organise techinical training at any time of the year by special request.

Prices quoted for all our training is based on a minimum of 3 students attending the same course.


Dedicated PADI TEC & PADI TEC INSTRUCTOR training during


18 APRIL to 14 MAY


PADI TEC Sidemount Courses (5 dives, 3 days)

PADI Self Reliant Courses (3 dives, 2 days)

PADI Gas/Trimix Blender Courses (1/2 days)

PADI TEC 40 (2 days)

PADI TEC 45 (3 days)

PADI TEC 50 (3 days)

Theory and 4 dives per course, or as combo Theory and 12 dives in 7 days.

PADI TEC Trimix 65 (5 dives/4 days)

TEC 50 --> Full Trimix (8 dives/6 days)

TEC Trimix 65 --> Full Trimix Courses (5 dives/4 days)

PADI TEC Sidemount Instructor (2 days)

PADI TEC Instructor (3 days)

PADI TEC Deep Instructor Course (5 days, inclusive internship 8 days)

PADI TEC Trimix Instructor Course (4 days, incl. interniship 8 days)

PADI Gas/Trimix Blender Instructor Course (1/2 days)