At Sands we recognise the importance of looking after our environment, after all its where we live !


Our northern European friends tend to complain about too much rain, with us it is the opposite ....so our island has had to adapt by building Desalination Plants, which provide our islands with fresh clean water.


The majority of Maltese homes have wells to collect and store rain water to use throught the year.

At Sands, we too have invested in a large water reservoir where we collect all the rain water from the roof of the building during the rainy season.

This is then used to supply the basement washroom with soft water to rinse out your diving equipment. This water is clean to wash gear but it is not good to drink.


In 2007, we installed a number of Solar panels on the roof of the building which heat up water, for all the showers and the kitchens. The water is heated during the day, providing you with warm water on demand. We now only need to use electricity to boost the temperature on cloudy days in the winter.


A hot climate demands air-condition units for comfortable living!

When we first fitted these units in the apartments we found that not everyone was equally prudent at using these efficiently.

Air- condition units should be used with doors and windows closed, ideally these should be switched on for a short period to bring the room to a comfortable temperature and then switched off.

In an attempt to make guests use these more efficiently we have installed meter units in all the apartments. We provide a fixed amount of units per apartment and once these have been used, guests need to purchase extra units.

This method has allowed us to keep the basic cost of the apartment rental down. Guests are now able to control how much electricity they wish to use.


All our waste is separated, so that plastic, glass, metal and paper is sent to be recycled.

We have placed a number of collection bins on the ramp outside the wet room. We kindly ask guests to separate and place their waste in these bins.


The local council provides collection of this waste twice a week on the Tuesday and on a Friday.